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Looking for the mobile app?

Instructions to install the mobile phone app, PowerMic Mobile, are below.

Dragon Medical One Installation Instructions


This website contains all the information and links you will need to configure the Dragon Medical One. Please review the information below. If you're looking for more information on Dragon Medical One, or are ready to purchase, Click here.

User Credentials

If you need assistance finding your login credentials, give us a call at 833-341-1411 or Contact Us.

Not yet a Dragon Medical One subscriber? Click here to learn more or activate a trial account.

Installation Package (recommended)

The button below will download the standard Windows installation package. This version includes automatic update functionality to keep your Dragon Medical One up-to-date.

The installer requires the following organization token:

Organization Token

Google Chrome Extension

In order to use Dragon with web-based applications, you must install the Google Chrome extension and use the Google Chrome browser to access your web-based applications.

Note: After installing the Chrome extension, you will need to restart Dragon for it to pair itself with Chrome and then restart Chrome to apply changes made to Chrome.

Standalone Installation Download

This distribution is for IT administrators and updating flash drives. This package should be used if you plan on utilizing Dragon Medical One in a remote access / virtual desktop environment or are doing large deployments. The standalone packages do not automatically update. When deploying standalone packages, all workstations should be on the same version to prevent profile corruption issues.

We intentionally delay updating our "latest" standalone deployment packages to ensure stability. As such, they are frequently 1-3 versions behind the actual latest release.

The following release is for AD/LDAP distributions only:

Dragon Medical One
Standalone LDAP

2021.4.3 (v21.4.85.2213)

The below versions include overrides for incompatible applications. Only use when directed.

Dragon Medical One
Standalone Remapped

2021.4.3 (v21.4.85.2213)

Diagnostic Tools

Technical Support Contact Information

Dragon Medical One service includes:

  • Remote one-on-one training sessions with each licensed user.
  • Complimentary workflow-optimization sessions where we teach how to effectively use auto-text templates and step-by-step commands.
  • Unlimited technical support via phone, email, and live chat. Can't figure it out? Give us a call at 833-341-1411 or Contact Us

For additional technical documentation and drivers, please see the Administrative Resources Page.

PowerMic Mobile Installation Instructions

PowerMic Mobile turns smartphones into wireless microphones for use with Windows-based desktop clinical speech recognition solutions by Nuance. PowerMic Mobile gives clinicians the freedom to roam from workstation-to-workstation, room-to-room, and location-to-location to complete clinical documentation using their smartphone as a microphone at the desktop. This section contains pertinent information and links you will need to activate and enable use of PowerMic Mobile.

You must view this portion from your mobile device

Step 1: Download the PowerMic Mobile app

iPhone Users ( requires iPhone 5 and iOS 9.3.5 or greater ):

Android Users (requires Android 6.0 or greater):

Get it on Google Play

Step 2: Configure the PowerMic Mobile app

Once you have downloaded the app, click the corresponding link below from your smartphone and when prompted, open it with the PowerMic Mobile app.

Please note that these vary depending on if you use an iOS / iPhone or Android device.

iOS / iPhone Users Only:

Click to configure iOS

Android Users Only:

Click to
configure Android

If the above button does not work and does not prompt you to open it with PowerMic Mobile, you may manually copy / paste the following Profile Configuration URL into PowerMic Mobile when prompted:

iOS / iPhone Users Only:

Android Users Only:

Step 3: Log in using your Nuance Application Login ID

First, log into the Nuance Dragon Medical One desktop application, then log into the PowerMic Mobile app using your Dragon Medical One credentials to automatically pair with the target application.

If you need any assistance with installation or getting started with PowerMic Mobile, please refer to the PowerMic Mobile End User Guide or Contact Us.

If you're an IT administrator or tech-savvy, you may refer to the PowerMic Mobile administrator resource page for additional information.